“The Centre for Hydrology and Informatics (CHI) has been providing consulting services on water related issues to Ministries and private and public companies in Greece and abroad.

More specifically, some of the public domain clients of CHI are the Ministries of Regional Development and Decentralization, Infrastructure, Transportation and Networks, Environment, Energy and Climate Change and Rural Development and Food, the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, the Public Power Corporation, the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Local Authorities and the Municipal Enterprises for Water Supply and Sewerage.
Parallel to that, CHI is cooperating with companies and offices that implement Hydraulic and Development Studies and informatics and geoinformatics enterprises.
Finally, CHI has established an active cooperation with the Central Water Service of MEECC and the European Environment Agency of EC.


Indicative Consulting Work

  • Supporting the evaluation of the EU Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment (DG Environment/EU)
  • Integrated Assessment of 2nd RBMPs (DG Environment/EU)
  • Support for the implementation of the ENI-SEIS East 2017-2018 regional and country work plans in the thematic area of water (EEA)
  • ETC: European Topic Center on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters(EEA).
  • EC Freshwater Policy Framework (ENV.D.1/FRA/2012/0014): Framework contract to provide services to support the development and implementation of EU freshwater policies (DG Environment/EU)
  • EU – level instruments on water reuse(DG Environment/EU)
  • Comparative study of pressures and measures in the major river basin management plans in the EU (DG Environment/EU).
  • Potential for growth and job creation through the protection of water resources, with a special focus on the further implementation of the Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive (DG Environment/EU)
  • Support to the various Water Framework Directive Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) groups (DG Environment/EU)
  • Study of sedimentation and silting of the Ilarionas reservoir (Public Power Corporation)
  • Climate Adaptation – modelling water scenarios and sectoral impacts (DG Environment/EU)
  • EU Water Saving Potential (DG Environment/EU)
  • Expert Work on sustainable management and quality of water and sustainable management on marine ecosystems (DG Research/EU)
  • Expert Work on water and marine sciences (DG Research/EU)
  • Assessment of the Characteristics of the Flood Event of the 1-2/1/1995 and Flood Risk in the Upper Acheloos River Basin (Ethniki Insurance).
  • Assessment of Frequency Characteristics of the 21st October 1994 Storm in Athens (Olympiako Metro).
  • Study of the Flood Discharges and Hydrological Design for Flood Protection, Lamia, 1988, (BIPE).