R & D Overview

The research team of the Centre for Hydrology and Informatics focuses on theoretical and applied research and development in all aspects of the water cycle, including Hydrology, Water Policy and Water Resources Management.


Objectives of the team

  • Monitoring of hydrometeorological parameters and provision of relevant information for hydrological studies
  • Implementation of relevant research at European and National level and dissemination and further exploitation of the outputs

To this end, the team, under the supervision of Prof. Maria Mimikou:

  • Operates the Hydrological Observatory of Athens, a network of fully automatic telemetric hydrometeorological stations that cover adequately the greater Athens area. Hydrometeorological measurements for the X-Basin, an Experimental Basin in the Eastern Attica region, have been incorporated in this network.
  • Makes in-situ measurements of quantitative and qualitative groundwater and surface water parameters and soil characteristics by means of appropriate equipment transferable via a Mobile Van.
  • Undertakes and successfully implements during the last 2 decades European and National research projects in scientific thematic areas relative to hydrology, water resources and the environment. The projects are assigned to the Laboratory by authorities such as DG Research, DG Environment, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Environment Agency (EEA), Greek Ministries (e.g. former Greek Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works), Communities and Municipalities etc.