Team Overview

“The members of the research team of CHI are academic and research staff and administrative personnel which all cooperate under the supervision of Professor Evangelos Baltas and Professor Maria Mimikou.

The research team of the Centre for Hydrology and Informatics (CHI) is actively involved in the following scientific areas:

  • Hydrological analysis and simulation
  • Process and management of hydrological information
  • Water resources assessment
  • Assessment of extreme hydrological phenomena (floods, droughts) and their consequences
  • Climate change and its impact on water resources
  • Radar hydrology
  • Studies for the exploitation and management of water resources
  • Hydroinformatics
  • GIS development for the water resources
  • Development of databases for hydrological and meteorological information
  • Development of mathematical / computational hydrological models
  • Development of mathematical / computational optimization models
  • Development of mathematical / computational water resources management models

The research teams of Center of Hydrology and Informatics and of Computing Systems Laboratory (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of N.T.U.A) have agreed to form an affiliation that will strengthen both teamsʼ missions in education and research. CS Lab is a member of the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS).