Eleftherios Kalogiannis

Kalogiannis Eleftherios is a PhD candidate, at the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He holds a MSc in Economics from Athens University of Economics and Business and a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Science engineering from the NTUA. In parallel, he works at the Renewables Energy Sector as a freelancer engineer in photovoltaics, hydroelectric and biomass projects design and development. On top of that he is employed as an expert in the fields of energy market analysis and monitoring at the Hellenic Energy. His skills include advanced forecasting tools implementation, data analytics and modelling in both energy and financial data sets as well as hybrid energy production model structure parametrization and management. His PhD research focuses in the context of water resources utilization, environmental management and renewable energy sources., and specifically, on the design, calibration and implementation of a water desalination system using hybrid renewable production and energy storage application.