George Bariamis

George Bariamis works as Research Assistant in the Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources since 2013. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering (University of Patras) and a Master Degree in Water Resources Science and Technology (National Technical University of Athens).

His research is concentrated on Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Natural Capital Accounting Standards and Remote Sensing. He is experienced in hydrological analysis and processes, hydrological modeling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and integration with hydrological engineering. He has up-to-date knowledge with water databases in USA as well as for European and International Institutions. He has broad knowledge of IT tools and data visualization techniques representing systems’ complexity. He is a teaching assistant at the NTUA – School of Civil Engineering for five (5) undergraduate and postgraduate courses since 2014.

He works since 2014 as a Consultant for the European Environment Agency (EEA) Consortium “European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters” (ETC/ICM). His Consultancy covers the fields of water (assets and flows) accounts, assessment of the groundwater quantitative status under the Water Framework Directive, forest – water retention measures, assessment of water efficiency, domestic-agricultural and industrial water demand. Moreover, he worked as Technical Consultant for the updated Water Information System of Europe for water quantity reporting (WISE-3 2.0). He is author and co-author in 3 Pan-European studies and many Technical Reports for EEA and ETC/ICM. Since 2017 he works also for the ENI SEIS II East Project. The Consulting includes the expansion of UNECE water quantity indicators (including 46 parameters of environmental and economic context) as well as Technical and Helpdesk support promoting EEA’s indicator specification and assessment codes.