Alexandros Psomas

Alexandros Psomas is researcher at the Centre for Hydrology and Informatics (CHI) in the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at NTUA. He holds an MSc in Hydrology and Environmental Management of Water Resources, a MEng in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering and a diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA. Currently he is a PhD candidate at NTUA.

He works in the fields of Water Resources Science, Policy and Technology, covering the areas of integrated water resources management, floods, water scarcity and drought, hydrologic modelling, modelling climate change impacts and socio-economic development, best management practices in agricultural river basins, water efficiency, water reuse, multi-stress analysis on water resources, land-food-water-energy nexus, nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based water management, solute transport modelling, groundwater contamination and remediation. He has participated in the research teams of EU and GR funded competitive research projects (MARS, NOMOTELEIA). He is a consultant for EEA in the European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal & Marine Waters and a consultant for DG ENV in the EC Freshwater Policy Framework contract. He has an updated knowledge of the EU water policy, also focusing on the aspects of implementation progress and water reporting under WFD, FD and other water directives, as well as under WISE SoE. He also works as project manager in CHI for EU and GR funded projects and project proposals. He is involved in the Hydrological Observatory of Athens operated by CHI. He is a teaching assistant at NTUA for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.