Kostas Stefanidis

Konstantinos Stefanidis is post doc researcher at the Centre for Hydrology and Informatics, in the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering at NTUA. He holds a Bachelor in Biology, an MSc in Management and Conservation of Natural Environment and a PhD in Aquatic ecology and Limnology from the University of Patras in Greece. He has over twelve years of experience as a researcher in EU and GR funded research projects (MARS, REFRESH, EUMON). He specializes in the ecological assessment of freshwater ecosystems based on biotic communities in line with WFD requirements. He has contributed to the ecological assessment of rivers in Cyprus and of river Nestos in Northern Greece using aquatic macrophytes as ecological indicators. He also has experience in the assessment of the trophic status of lake ecosystems using various trophic indices. He has conducted research on the relationships between aquatic macrophytes and functional groups of zooplankton in Greek lakes with various morphological and trophic characteristics. Moreover, he has worked on the assessment of the potential climate change impacts on lake ecosystems and the design of suitable mitigation measures. He has also participated in a Pan-European field mesocosm experiment that examined the effects of climate change on community structure, functioning and metabolism in shallow lakes  Currently, he is involved in the EU funded research project MARS (Managing aquatic ecosystems and water resources under multiple stress), where he focuses on the investigation of the relationships between environmental flows and ecological status at river basin and European scale and on the analysis of impacts from multiple stresses on the biotic/abiotic status and the ecosystem services of the Pinios river basin in Greece. He has published several scientific articles in international peer-review journals and has participated in numerous national and international conferences.