Associate Professor Evangelos Baltas

Evangelos Baltas is an Associate Professor in the School of Civil Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. He co-established the Center of Hydrology and Informatics (CHI) constituting of the NTUA meteorological network, the database of the hydrological information and the experimental basin. He has large experience (25 years) in the areas of water resources management, water resources systems planning and operation, hydrometeorology, hydrological modeling, climate change and land use change at the catchment scale, flood forecasting, risk assessment and mapping analysis. He has written two books and has authored or co-authored more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and more than 60 peer-reviewed publications in national and international conferences, while he has published several scientific technical reports. He has a large academic and nonacademic administrative experience. He has also offered engineering consultant services in the fields of her expertise to the EU, Greek Ministries, public organizations and private companies. He has been the Principal investigator or researcher in numerous competitive EU (more than 20) and national funded programs related to the integrated water resources management: NDBHMI, HYDROMET, EUROTAS, RIPARIUS, MEDDMAN, ENRICH, EUROHARP, CHESS.