Experimental Basin (X-Basin)

The Experimental Basin (X-Basin) covered an area of 15.17 km2 in the Eastern Attica region and was operated since 2005 by the Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources Management. The X-Basin that was mainly a rural region was initially equipped with three stand-alone raingauges and two streamflow gauges (one at the centroid and another one at the outlet of the catchment). Specialized staff of the CHI team carried out additional in situ and laboratory hydrological, hydrogeological and chemical measurements for the area, using a properly equipped Mobile Van. Measurements included soil infiltration capacity and hydraulic conductivity, discharge groundwater level, measurements of the basic water quality parameters (pH, T, salinity, Ca, Mg, nitrates, chlorides, phosphorous content etc.). Due to the near-natural character of the X-Basin’s area, data from the catchment were used for the assessment of the hydrological regime and climate and landuse change effects in a typical Mediterranean region.


Since 2011, the operation of the X-Basin was incorporated in the Hydrological Observatory of Athens and all relevant measurements for that area are now accessible via the website of the Observatory.